Hispalis Dominus reaches an agreement with the Agency of Marketing online group 41PH which will be responsible for carrying out the functions of communication from our company, as well as the reinforcement and our brand positioning in different markets.

We are in full campaign of expansion and growth, one of the responsibilities of this agency is the resurfacing to our sales department and terrain expansion in the internationalization of our company, so the first step is the translation of our site in English, and the second get visibility, positioning of our brand and reputation online in our countries objectives.

Both parties we are quite satisfied with the agreement reached, since the objectives to be achieved are appetizing for the two companies and the challenge of getting it in a short and medium time is a work in which the Group 41PH company is accustomed.

The references obtained from this marketing agency we have not reached external, they, with their CEO Carlos José de la Prida in charge of the projects, already have addressed in the past of different campaigns and the results always was expected

With Group 41PH… unites us Green